EQS Integrity Line

The world demographic explosion, the diversity in ways of thinking, as well as the diversity of political, economic and social organizations, have generated great deal of conflicts of administration in the companies as well as in governments. Among others:

These has led organizations to think about the need to manage and limit these problems.

The OD Consulting Group, in search of solutions for this need of organizations and the interest of supporting its clients, has achieved a partnership with a company that has a technological tool which supports and controls the solution of these conflicts named «EQS Integrity Line».


EQS Integrity Line is an encrypted Complaining Software System that is secure and anonymous. It allows employees and/or officers of a company to report internally, improper conduct such as corruption, abuse of power, discrimination, extortion, misuse of sensitive information, etc. 

This Complaint Line solution (Integrity Line) promotes the internal management of complaints before they are made public and, in serious cases, prevents damage, economic loss and/or damage to the reputation of the company or government agency.

This integrity software system can be used by:

EQS Integrity Line can be used by large companies and/or national or international corporations, due to their size and diversity of operations. They require a sophisticated and distributed software solution for their diverse and globally located structures. The possibility of a distributed operation of the tool, been a software as a service, allows the agile and effective capture of complains and their immediate processing.

State and municipal government agencies with a population of 10,000 inhabitants or more must meet specific reporting and confidentiality conditions, which makes them potential users of the system. It is necessary to have a general vision of challenges that public sector may face when implementing a reporting channel, the consequences of each of the events, as well as the estimation of solutions that help meet the requirements of management.

Additionally, EQS Integrity Line offers the guarantee of security and confidentiality for all data and is offered as a comprehensive service hosted on a central server. By using the latest encryption technologies, the security and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed. 

Anonymous Integrity Line

Been an anonymous Integrity Line the complainant can upload his information anonymously and the communication between the areas of the company in charge and the complainant is also done anonymously. Through the EQS Integrity Line the human resources, legal or compliance departments, or even the specialized investigation team, will be able to communicate with the complainant through a secure mailbox and follow up on the complaint at all times without revealing names.

To load the complaint, the system guides the complainant step by step to help him submit the necessary information. We consider the system to be very intuitive and can be done and sent from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC). Furthermore, EQS Integrity Line is certified and complies with the standards of the European Union Web Accessibility Directive (WCAG).

EQS Integrity Line is available in more than 70 languages with the purpose such can be used in the whole world. The system has a help for automatic translation integrated into the software so that, if necessary, the dialogue with the complainant may be translated automatically. It also provides the option to connect the tool to a specialized security translation agency.

Functions of EQS Integrity Line

Among other Functions of EQS Integrity Line we can enumerate:  

EQS Integrity Line system configuration is developed in a modular way; therefore, EQS Integrity Line System Configuration can be tailored according specifications of any institution. It allows the integration of different complaint channels in the same tool, making possible to create new cases based on letters, emails, phone calls or notes obtained in meetings. Colors, logos and requirement of the company or institution may be incorporated into the system customization process.

Our interest at The OD Consulting Group is to always establish long-lasting relationships with our clients based on offering high quality services and service guarantee. The OD Consulting Group has acquired strong professional experience due to the multiple systems that we have implemented. EQS Integrity Line is part of EQS Compliance COCKPIT, the digital compliance platform that manages all your Compliance tasks and workflows. If you are interested in learning more about this Integrity Line System, you can find information at https://theodcg.com/en/gobierno-corporativo/integrity-line/

You can also find information about Integrity Line in our webinar: “Importance of having an Integrity Line” (in Spanish) click here